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20 Jul

How about some oat straw tea and ginger pie?

I watched the movie “Harold and Maude” for the first time in many, many years. I always loved the film – very odd, quirky, funny and sad. When it was originally released it was not a hit and disliked by some critics. But over time it has grown in popularity and is now considered a bit of a classic. If you don’t know the story, it is about a suicide obsessed young man who meets an older lady on the verge of her 80th birthday. They strike up an unconventional relationship that is truly unique and special. Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort are the pair and they are both wonderful in the film.

I think I appreciate this film even more now that I am older. Back in college, this movie was kind of an oddball curio that was just kind of cool to have seen and liked. Now that I’m 20+ years older, I viewed the film from a different perspective. Originally I related to the Harold character and all his obsessions and issues. When I watched this time I connected more with Maude, especially her attitude towards life and her drive to experience something new each day. Her outlook is something that we all could use in our own lives. I can only hope that when I reach that age I can approach life with a bit of the same zest for life.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the film:

Maude: A lot of people enjoy being dead. But they are not dead, really. They’re just backing away from life. *Reach* out. Take a *chance*. Get *hurt* even. But play as well as you can. Go team, go! Give me an L. Give me an I. Give me a V. Give me an E. L-I-V-E. LIVE! Otherwise, you got nothing to talk about in the locker room.

Harold: You sure have a way with people.  Maude: Well, they’re my species.

Maude: Vice, Virtue. It’s best not to be too moral. You cheat yourself out of too much *life*. Aim above morality. If you apply that to life, then you’re bound to live life fully.

Maude: Harold, *everyone* has the right to make an ass out of themselves. You just can’t let the world judge you too much.

Now brew some oat straw tea, get a slice of ginger pie, sing “if you wanna be free, be free,” and try something new each day!

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