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22 Jul

A Blip of a DVD Review: “Let the Right One In”

Alternate Title: “Swedish Kids Do the Darndest Things!”

Short Plot: Oskar is a 12 years old who gets bullied at school and collects clippings about gruesome murders. A mysterious girl, Eli, moves into the apartment next door and the two kids slowly begin a relationship that is both strange and moving. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that Eli is a vampire and that people around town are getting murdered?

Pros: The kids were great, the relationship surprisingly affecting, it is filmed beautifully, not all plot points are fully fleshed out or explained (and don’t need to be), one of the last scenes in a pool was brilliantly staged, it is not your standard horror flick, and if Ingmar Bergman had made a vampire film, this would be it. Oh, those Swedes! (This is a foreign film, kids, so suck it up and read the subtitles!)

Cons: A couple of special effects sections (one involving cats) were below par, if you are looking for a big action horror extravaganza you need to look elsewhere,  there is an American version in the works that I’m sure they will totally screw up as usual.

Verdict: I found myself mesmerized by this film. It is hard to call this a horror film as the focus is really on the relationship of the two kids. It is their story and it just happens that one is a vampire and some bad things happen. Because of this I didn’t find the film scary at all – more unnerving than anything. And when can you say you have seen a horror film that at the end you are moved and almost crying?  (In a good way, I mean…)

Rating: 4 out of 5 Blips  ••••

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