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24 Jul

I Got the Bleu’s

I did something impetuous and a bit on the crazy side (for me). Some folks know that back in the day I used to write pop songs. This stems from my days at Berklee College of Music in Boston where I was studying music production and engineering. I was forced to write a song for a class – something I had never done before. To my surprise I got the highest grade in the class for my song and encouragement from the professor. That inspired me to keep at it and continue to write. For the most part, I would write and record songs at home for myself and not really share with anyone. But secretly I really wanted to record some songs in a studio with real musicians. However, the dream of doing this has faded over the years and I have become more afraid of taking the leap and just doing it.  Well, that is about to end – at least for one song.

One of my favorite artists is a guy named Bleu. He is an outstanding songwriter and musician with an impressive list of credits outside of his own terrific work. I’ve followed him ever since his CD “Redhead” crossed my desk at work back in 2003. For his upcoming independent release he chose to do what some other artist have successfully tried – raise money online to support the recording. For Bleu’s donation drive he has created levels of support with “rewards” attached. Anything from autographed CDs to an in- home performance has been made available. Obviously, being a fan I wanted to donate. I checked through all the reward packages to see what might be interesting. I wasn’t planning on spending a lot of money, but then came Reward #19. This reward gets you 2 days of studio time in Boston with Bleu recording your own song. That one really caught my attention. I have always wanted to do this and then to add working with a true musician that I really admire and respect was too much for me to ignore. So I went for it and bought the package! I still can’t believe I did this. I’m not really sure what will come out of the sessions or what will happen, but I finally have the opportunity to really pursue a dream of mine.

So sometime in the next few months I’ll be headed off to Boston to record a song with the amazing Bleu. Although I’m excited and nervous already, I still don’t think it has fully sunk in yet. It still feels unreal right now. That will definitely change the day I walk in that studio! And I hope it inspires me to continue working on music – something I have not done for a very long time. I have to say that if you read my previous post on “Harold and Maude,” the inspiration for just diving in and going for this came from Maude. So thanks to Maude, and many thanks to Bleu for all the music and for offering this great opportunity.

Here is one of my favorite Bleu songs. If I could do something one-tenth this good, I’d be ecstatic…

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