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27 Jul

A Blip of a Movie Review: “Inception”

Alternate Title: “All I Have to Do Is Dream…and Dream…and Dream…”

Short Plot: Leo Dicap is made an offer he can’t refuse from a corporate bigwig to lead a rogue team of experts into the mind of the son of a dead empire mogul. Usually, they “extract,” well basically steal, secrets from the dreams of their targets. Ah, but here is the catch – instead of stealing, they are there to drop a hint (“inception” – an unproven technique) in the son’s dreams that will eventually lead to corporate upheaval. Umm, that’s about as much as I can really explain. I’m sure the cliff notes will be out soon.

Pros: Pretty nifty idea, a complicated plot that can get you to see it again for further details, some great special effects, a frightening Marion Cotillard, an ending you can talk about at the water cooler.

Cons: Not for the easily distracted crowd (ya gotta pay attention on this one, peeps), a tidge long, Leo’s love story has no emotional impact, your brain might explode keeping up with the plot.

Verdict: Yes, as you will hear this is not an easy story to follow but I was just fine with it and had a good 85% understanding level, which was way more than enough to keep me fully interested in the film. I really liked that it challenged my brain while entertaining me at the same time – something summer films rarely do if ever these days. The effects were quite spectacular, especially the scenes involving a zero gravity hallway fight. There were some minor plot flaws and it could have been better if the Leo/Marion relationship had more impact on me, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed the film and it has kept me thinking even days after seeing it.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Blips  ••••

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