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07 Sep

The Top 11: Surprising Workout Songs

I like to do a Top 11 list because I always feel bad for the one thing that just missed the Top 10.

Sometimes I’ll just toss songs on my Shuffle for the heck of it and see if they fit in my workout zone at the gym. There are songs that just don’t work and I end up dumping them, but every now and then I hit on one that I’m surprised really works well. Typically any dance or rock song with a moving beat can be fine so it is kind of cool to hear something out of the ordinary that gets me in workout mode.  Here are 11 that hit a mark with me and I’m always happy when the Shuffle brings ’em up:

1.  “O…Saya” – A.R. Rahman & M.I.A.

From the “Slumdog Millionaire” soundtrack. If I’m on the treadmill when this comes on, the treadmill has to keep up with me!

2.  “Layin’ It on the Line” – Jefferson Starship

Makes me feel like my big mullet, large arms, and beer belly can bench a lot of weight.

3.  “He’s a Dream” – Shandi

From the “Flashdance” soundtrack. I don’t know what happened to this chick, but she hits overdrive in the chorus – and I restrain myself from sitting on a weight bench and dousing myself with a bucket of water.

4.  “Sleepy Maggie” – Ashley MacIsaac

Here’s one I didn’t think belonged on the workout shuffle, but it really does keep me going.

5.  “Living in China” – Men Without Hats

A song I dusted off recently sounds pretty darn good and it makes me thing of fast 80’s aerobics.

6.  “Corduroy” – Pearl Jam

I practically pulled the arm off the elliptical machine by the time this song got to the mid-section.

7.  “How Far We’ve Come” – Matchbox Twenty

Just a great quick-step ditty. This is like the theme for a speed workout.

8.  “On the Loose” – Saga

Hasn’t this song reach classic rock status?  Seems to be lost somewhere…

9.  “King of the Mountain” – Kate Bush

Okay, this is a slow, quiet groove, but as the song builds I keep going faster or doing more. Just gets in my brain.

10.  “Peek-a-Boo” – Siouxie and the Banshees

One of the quirkiest things on the shuffle I believe (along with a couple of early Devo tracks). But it works.

11.  “Take a Picture” – Filter

Again, another slow builder with a rolling beat that just doesn’t stop.

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