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08 Sep

I think Fang would approve…

I was looking through my old music briefcase and stumbled upon this photo given to me by Phyllis Diller. She was the first celeb (besides Andy, of course) that I got to work with at the theatre. She was truly wonderful and great to be around. Her assistant was so nice as well and I think everyone at the theatre appreciated the pair of them and how open and welcoming they were. She was part of a double-bill summer show that came in for just a couple of weeks during the summer to give Andy a little break. Phyllis was the opener and she was hilarious. I still relay jokes today she told during those shows.

The celeb who had top billing shall remain nameless (but he was a very famous comedic impressionist) and he was the complete opposite of Phyllis. He was always holed up in his dressing room, never talked with anyone, had major attitude, and was completely unapproachable. I dreaded having any contact with him. I would venture to say he was the least liked celeb we ever had at the theatre during my time there.

But Phyllis more than made up for him. I even baked her a pie. And she was totally fascinated with Wal-Mart for some reason. The lady just plain rocked.

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