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15 Sep

A Blip of a Music Review: “Hurley” by Weezer

Alternate Title:  “Hey! We’re Accessible Again! (Check Out Our Pop Culture References)”

Pros: Nice hooks, great cover image, sounds just like “Buddy Holly” (sing that last one), good mix of fun and more serious, and their most commercial album in a while.

Cons: Parts are like Green Day vs. They Might Be Giants (one They in this world is plenty), not all songs are winners, although more mature in music the lyrics can be too clever or just plain out-of-place at this point in their career, it’s great to have fun but in a grown-up way – not like the ol’ days, and I’m already tired of folks trying to force a connection to “Lost”.

Verdict: I’ve never been a fan of the Weezer. While I like some of their songs (“Buddy Holly” is totally fab and a classic), I have never been hooked into one of their albums…until now. This is the first Weezer album I’ve connected with. I think it is due to the consistent songwriting and the short pop songs where the music is catchy and mature. Although some of the lyrics lean toward juvenile and trying to be ironic/clever/whatever, I can see where they were going with this. For me it is their most focused effort overall. Plenty will complain it ain’t the blue album or “Pinkerton,” but it’s not meant to be. It sounds fresh, fun and the Weezer album that finally sits on my CD shelf.

Hear This:  “Memories,” “Trainwrecks,” “Brave New World”

Skip This: “Where’s My Sax?”

Rating: 3 out of 5 Blips  •••

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