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22 Sep

Cry, Cry, Cry

Yes, I cry. I cry at movies, I cry watching TV shows, and I cry at stupid commercials like those sentimental holiday Hallmark ads. I can’t help it. Stuff just gets to me sometimes. But the weirdest thing I cry at is music. Just plain old pop music. I’ve been trying to figure out why. I’d like to say that it all had to do with beautiful lyrics brilliantly performed, but that is not always the case. Yes, I can shed a tear at something moving like “Skeletons” by Rickie Lee Jones, but what explains my boo-hoos when I hear “Had a Dream (Sleeping with the Enemy)” by Roger Hodgson, a piano tinkling post-Supertramp rant with slightly incoherent lyrics? It’s somewhat of a mystery. And the time that I’m most vulnerable is when I’m in the car – probably because that has always been the place where I listen to music the most. The one reason I can think of for these cry-fests is that something about the music just really hits me and I thoroughly appreciate the work (and the secretly wish I had written it). I also think a lot of it has to do with the performance. Not necessarily if it is sung or played well, but I have always thought that what the musicians invest into the work comes through when you hear it. The song that prompted my latest 3-minute sob was “Straight As the Crow Flies” by Kim Richey (a criminally underrated artist). This is just a great song and it hits me most any time I play it. So yes, I cry. It ain’t pretty, but the music that prompts this usually is.

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  1. Zac
    September 23rd, 2010 at 22:21 | #1

    Patty Griffin. I’m not overly proud of it, but man she can hit me.

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