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02 Jan

A Blip of a Movie Review: “Black Swan”

Alternate Title: “The Turning Point Meets Hitchcock”

Short Plot: Natalie Portman is on the verge of being a prima ballerina, but also on the verge of losing it. A kooky mom, a crazy ex-ballerina, an ambitious new dancer, a driven director, and her own tremendous pressure are working against her. Is someone messing with her? Is she going nutty? Can she pull it together and shine as the swan queen? Can she stop scratching herself? Hmmm…

Pros: Natalie Portman is terrific, Mila Kunis also rocks (and they rock it together…), the crazy vs. real plot keeps you guessing, it’s a good commentary on the pressures of being perfect, and some nice semi-gruesome SFX.

Cons: If it wasn’t for the tour de force of Natalie Portman, this would just be a standard psycho drama, Barbara Hershey channels Carrie’s mother (not real well), some plot items don’t quite gel, one effects scene (meant to be a mental vision) was comical instead of being intense (with the audience laughing), and what is that scratching? Fleas?

Verdict: The film itself is a slight bit of psycho drama that isn’t as deep as needed to be a standout. However, watching Natalie Portman transform, go crazy, and really dance is what makes this a success. If you took this film, cast a basic hot-at-the-moment pretty girl, and edited in a lot of stand-in dancing, this film would have tripped like a clumsy ballerina. Someone said it wasn’t what they expected as they thought is was going to be more like a “Fatal Attraction” thriller, which it ain’t. A very butch football-like guy was overheard saying “I really liked the music.” But I think the comment that sums up the movie was “bitch be crazy!”

Rating: 3 out of 5 Blips •••

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