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11 Mar

World Premiere Song!

Here it is folks. The final song from the music session in Boston with Bleu and Ducky. More details on the amazing two-days will follow later. For now, here is my song “Dust and Dirt.” I wrote this little ditty back in 1997 and Bleu and Ducky took it to a level that I never expected and I am thrilled beyond belief. I’m still amazed that this actually took place. Truly a dream come true.

I sang the lead and harmony vocals, Bleu did the keys, guitars, bass, and background vocals, and Ducky is on drums and percussion. Bleu did the arrangement and both Bleu and Ducky did all the producing, engineering, mixing, and overall magic. Turn it up loud (wear headphones if on a laptop). My favorite part is the bridge leading to a sweet, lyrical guitar solo that Bleu put down and that I’m still flipping out about.

Bleu and Ducky = great people and total geniuses

Dust and Dirt

(This is an m4a file, so it may take a minute to load up.)

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