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24 May

A Blip of a Movie Review: “Bridesmaids”

Alternative Title: “Estrogen Hangover”

Short Plot: Kristen Wiig is a woman’s whose life is teetering on the line of mediocrity (about to tip to the down side) who is asked by her best friend to be her maid of honor. Things unravel when she meets the rest of the bridal party including her best friend’s newest rich bitch buddy, who is doing her darnedest to take over the maid of honor spot. And things go from bad to just plain horrible. And the rest of us just laugh along the way…

Pros: Kristen Wiig is a revelation, the script is solid, there are plenty of lewd language and gross gags to keep the men dragged to this movie happy, and Melissa McCarthy is now my new goddess of comedy.

Cons: Oddly enough, there is not much to complain about here. Some of the situations are a little over the top, but for a comedy like this they don’t seem too outlandish.

Verdict: Kristen Wiig was really terrific. This could have easily been a plain comedy role that would have worked fine, but she really acts and takes it to a higher level than what is typical for a comedy like this. It is actually her quiet moments that are the most affecting, but her breakdown at the bridal shower was both hilarious and made you cringe at the same time – not an easy thing to accomplish. Melissa McCarthy gets the MVP award as she steals most every scene she is in. I knew she was excellent already from watching “Mike & Molly,” but this woman is ready for her close up! I’m so in love with her now.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Blips ••••

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22 May

The Listen List

The haps in my head this week:


1.  “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” – Audio Book  (yes, not music, but I had to do a road trip and grabbed this. Glad I did. Now I’ll have to watch the film version.)

2.  “Stone Rollin'” by Raphael Saadiq  (excellent retro soul)


3.  “Beauty and the Beat – 30th Anniversary Edition” by the Go-Go’s  (one of my top favorites from the 80’s and it is still fresh and vibrant as ever – plus a pretty descent disc of a 1981 concert)

4.  “In My Dreams” by Stevie Nicks  (sounding more Fleetwood Mac-ish than she has in years)

5.  “Robyn” by Robyn


1.  “Our Lips Are Sealed” by the Go-Go’s  (I played “We Got the Beat” on steady repeat back in the day, but over time this chugging song is really the crown jewel of the album)

2.  “Heart Attack” by Raphael Saadiq

3.  “The Sweetest Taboo” by Sade

4.  “In for the Kill” by La Roux

5.  “I’ll Hold You” by Frankie & Johnny  (another brilliant slice of northern soul)

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08 May

The Listen List

What’s spinnin’ in my ears this week:


1.  “The Northern Soul Scene” by Various Artists  (My latest obsession is northern soul and the compilation collection is growing…)

2.  “Hard Bargain” by Emmylou Harris

3.  “Helplessness Blues” by Fleet Foxes

4.  “Best of Both Worlds” by Van Halen  (when spring is here and the car windows are down, I gots to crank me some Van Halen/Van Hagar)

5.  “Ultimate Collection” by Sade  (she is the original Smooth Operator)


1.  “Feels So Good” by Van Halen  (Just like most folks, I had forgotten this song – a joyful keyboard-driven ditty)

2.  “Nothing But a Heartache” by The Flirtations  (Northern Soul at its best)

3.  “I Love Belarus” by “Anastasia Vinnikova  (A Eurovision 2011 contest entry – with many of the entries this year very mainstream, this stands out at pure Eurovision, country love, pretty awful, but gotta-luv-it slice o’ cheese – this is what makes Eurovision a giant trainwreck you can’t help but watch)

4.  “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac  (the “Rumours” themed Glee had me on the FM bandwagon)

5.  “So Far Away” by Carole King

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