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15 Oct

A Blip of a TV Review: “American Horror Story”

Alternative Title: “HGTV’s Scream House”

Short Plot: Psychologist Dylan McDermott is caught doin’ tha nasty with a chick and gets caught by his wife. Instead of divorce, he opts to uproot his wife and daughter and move across country to an eerie house. Tension is high between all three as they start to adjust to the move and try to heal their wounds. They find out the previous owners died in the house (murder/suicide) and they also encounter strange folks who become fixtures at the house – specifically the bat-ass crazy neighbor Jessica Lange and her Down’s daughter. A housekeeper who has worked there for years also shows up and basically forces her services on the family. Odd things occur, McDermott treats a disturbed kid who may have a connection to the house, and whatever you do…don’t go in the basement.

Pros: Really quite creepy, we get to see odd things as a viewer that the family is not, the cast it terrific, it is quite gruesome and the language is appropriately salty, and Dylan McDermott shirtless a lot of the time.

Cons: A side story about the guy’s young affair chick being pregnant doesn’t seem to fit in the time line (or maybe I missed something), not sure how long a series about a haunted house can sustain – seems like the family would bolt out of there (especially after the 2nd episode), it is pretty dire – the family isn’t loaded with laughs (although the side characters can be very humorous), and it could go the way of shows like “Twin Peaks,” where it is brilliant to begin with and then just totally fizzles.

Verdict: Hands down my favorite new show of the season. The creepiness reminds me of some of the scary “X-Files” episodes that I used to love. I like how the story is progressing and it has already opened up a lot of doors to be explored. But the best part of the show has to be Jessica Lange. Casting her was brilliant and she plays the part of the very strange neighbor to the hilt. She was stunning in the second episode in a scene where she punishes her daughter (who has Down’s Syndrome) in a very odd and cruel way. Also, did I mention that Dylan McDermott is pretty much unclothed for good chunks of these shows?  Just making sure…

Even the opening credits can give you the chills….excellent.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Blips ••••

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