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31 Oct

Scary Movie Time!

Happy Halloween!

This is, of course, the season for scary movies and we all have our favorites. Here are movies that have scared me silly or were just plain creepy.

1. “Halloween” (1978) – This always remains at the top of my list. I remember my parents went away for the night and I thought it would be a cool idea to watch this movies with the lights out all by myself. I didn’t sleep for a week. It doesn’t hold up quite as well these days, but it is still enough to give me the chills thinking about that original viewing.

2. “The Exorcist” – I don’t necessarily find this really frightening, but it is still disturbing and probably one of the best horror films ever produced.

3. “The Evil Dead” – First saw it at a drive-in back in high school. Loved it. I think being at a dilapidated semi-deserted drive-in helped create the mood. Great scare factor.

4. “The Descent” – Will make you think twice about a spelunking adventure. Everything about this terrified me. The darkness, the unknown, those…things.

5. “The Strangers” – This was surprisingly very good. The quiet moments in the film before chaos hits are very well done and it makes you think about what might be lurking right behind you in the “safety” of your home. Bonus for having an ending that leaves you asking “why?”

6. “[REC]” – Trapped in an apartment building with someone…or something. From the point of view of a hand-held camera and done extremely well. It was remade for the U.S. as “Quarantine,” but this is far superior.

7. “The Mothman Prophesies” – Again, not really scary, but unnerving and really well done – which surprised me. Sometimes I’ll mention this movie and every now and then someone’s eyes will light up and say…”ooohhh, that was a really bizarre movie!”

8. “The Shining” – The book scared the crap out of me so when I saw the movie for the first time, I was underwhelmed. But there was something about it that just stuck with me. The more I saw it, the more I appreciated it. Today it is one of my favorites and I’ll turn it on anytime it hit TNT or some other cable channel.

9. “28 Days Later” – I love a good zombie flick (and love it on TV – “The Walking Dead”) and this I count as one of the very best.

10. “Paranormal Activity” – Starts off slow, but the build-up is half the fun. Like in “The Strangers,” some of the most quiet and normal times provide the largest amount of goosebumps. Sometimes it doesn’t take blood n’ guts or something in-your-face to scare you. Reality with a simple dose of the unknown (but you know) can be plenty.

Sleep well!

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