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28 Jan

The Listen List

What’s slicin’ through my mental static….


1. “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye (featuring Kimba) – this chuggin’ little ditty got my attention the first time I heard it and I’ve been loving it since. Interesting video too.


2. “China Girl” by David Bowie – He’s getting some publicity because of his birthday, so of course I’ve been on the Bowie bandwagon for the past week. This song I will usual revisit many times.

3. “Afternoon Delight” by Bleu – One of my favorite artists covering one of my favorite awful songs of the 70s, and doing it brilliantly.

4. “Be Here Now” by Ray LaMontagne – Lead track from his second disc is beautifully haunting.

5. “I Believe” by Steve Perry – Got his debut solo disc finally after having the LP locked up in storage for years. I forgot this song which, in my opinion, should have been a single.


1. “Making Mirrors” by Gotye – Like the lead single (#1 above), this album has me hooked. It is like hearing Howard Jones and Steve Winwood having a musical make-out session with Wham!, Ultravox, and Tears for Fears watching. Drenched in 80s Euro influences but sounds fresh and new. The first album of 2012 I’m in love with.

2. “Lady Soul” by Aretha Franklin – Ever just have a bummer of a day? Of course you do. I did and tossed in this gem from the Queen of Soul. You just can’t feel bad listening to this masterwork.

3. “Madonna,” “Like a Virgin,” and “True Blue” by Madonna – Something got me in an early-Madge mood and I revisited her first 3 discs. Some brilliant tracks, some awful tracks, and some vocals that make you wonder how the hell she got a record contract in the first place (well, we all know why…wink/wink).

4. “4” by Foreigner – Picked this up with the aforementioned Steve Perry disc (and Yes’ “90210”). I had it going in the car and someone said “why are you listening to Foreigner?” I said, “I used to love this disc.” They said, “yeah, I did too – way back then. Not now.” Whatever, hater. I still like it.

5. “El Camino” by The Black Keys – Still gettin’ my groove on to this.

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