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03 Mar

The Listen List

These are buzzin’ around my ears like mad bees this week:


1.  “Some Nights” by fun. – Although I had heard the song on “Glee” the other week, I didn’t know who the original artist was, and wasn’t that interested. But since Janelle Monáe was attached to the song and EW had an interesting write-up, I listened to the album. I’m glad I did. They have a great sound – kind of retro 70s glam with doses of Queen, yet tossing in some new flavor ala Scissor Sisters. It’s really…well…fun.

2.  “The Best of the Monkees” by the Monkees – I went through a major Monkees phase last year so the passing of Davy Jones was quite sad. I think this Rhino disc captures most of their best moments on one disc. But I still had to play the other studio albums for some choice tracks and memories.

3.  “The Singles” by Goldfrapp – A bunch of awesomeness collected on one disc plus two new choice tracks.

4.  “Purple Rain” by Prince – Finally picked up this disc after having the LP in storage all these years. Why was I waiting? “Computer Blue?” C’mon. This disc is a freakin’ masterpiece.

5.  “A Different Kind of Truth” by Van Halen – They really played this smart by reviving demos and songs they did back in the day. I think that contributed to this disc sounding like the old VH more than anything. This was an unexpected pleasure.


1.  “Fall From Grace” by Meat Loaf – A track off his upcoming disc and one written by the brilliant Bleu, who I was lucky to be in the studio with last year. Seek it out kids – this is a killer track.

2.  “Run Run Run” by the Explorers Club – Super delicious retro throwback with that pop 60s vibe. Should be in the backseat of a convertible with a martini being driven down the main South Beach drag.

3.  “These Days” by Foo Fighters – Choice track from their Grammy-winning album.

4.  “Some Nights” by fun. – This is the second single from their CD and I think is better that “We Are Young.”

5.  “Big Love” by Jim Moray – This guy is a folkie who revels in traditional British folk songs (like June Tabor) and gives them a modern update. On his excellent new disc “Skulk” he puts his skills down on this modern Fleetwood Mac tune (on banjo, no less) and makes if fit well among the ancient traditionals.


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