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25 May

The Listen List

What is beatin’ on my eardrums this week:


1. “Blunderbuss” by Jack White – This album has really grown on me. I like it from the start, but now I’m lovin’ it. I always appreciated the White Stripes but was never a huge fan. But this one is turning me into a big Jack White fan.

2. “Vows” by Kimbra – Hopefully here guest vocal on Goyte’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” will provide enough exposure to get folks to buy this. Great voice, songs, and production. A really good listen.

3. “The Ultimate Bee Gees” by Bee Gees – Another brother goes away too early…

4. “Trespassing” by Adam Lambert – His debut had moment, but like most Idol debuts it was messy. This album as a whole is far more cohesive and sounds like an artist’s album rather than one dictated by producers and such. Surprisingly good album.

5. “Out of the Game” by Rufus Wainwright – Finally, he lightens up the mood! Welcome back!



1. “Sixteen Saltines” by Jack White – It is the hardest song on the album and one of the best. And there is something really both funny and creepy about the lyrics that gets me. Starts right off in the opening line of “She’s got stickers on her locker…”

2. “Oh My!” by Haley Reinhart – An Idol alum from last year, she’s not someone I’d thought I’d be listening to, but her debut disc is actually pretty good. This opening track is a funky retro jam and fits her perfectly. It’s like Amy Winehouse and Duffy had a baby that is being babysat by Nancy Sinatra.

3. “Kickin’ In” by Adam Lambert – The song on the disc that I kept playing on repeat. Love the mish-mash of vocals on the chorus.

4. “Into the Wild” by LP – I thought I was over this song, but I’m not. Still in love with it and her siren voice.

5. “When the Rain Begins to Fall” by Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadora – We found this great 80’s station on the radio in Portugal. They played tons of great songs and it took a few days before repeats snuck in. When this song came on I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t heard it since I bought the single back in the day. It’s pretty awful. It must have been a big hit in Europe because it was repeated several times. It has an equally horrific video…

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