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16 Sep

A Blip of a Movie Review: “Possession”

Alternative Title: “What’s in the Box, Bitch?”

Short Plot: Supposedly based on a true story, a young girl from broken family finds a cool box at a garage sale, it starts talking to her, she opens it, moths fly around, she changes, dad is confused, mom is pissed, the girl gets freaky, and Matisyahu tries to save the day.

Pros: Sad to say, not much positive here. The girl who gets possessed (Natasha Calis) is very good. She goes from adorable to demonic in a flash. The high points of the movie are when she is on screen. If this had been an excellent film, I think there would have been valid comparisons to Linda Blair’s “Exorcist” performance. Unfortunately, she will get overlooked because the movie is just not good. And the box is cool, called a Dybbuk box, it is said to hold a Jewish evil or demon. Look for one at your local garage sale…

Cons: With Sam Raimi producing, I was hoping for something good and scary. Didn’t happen. When you find yourself chuckling in scenes that are supposed to be intense, it’s a sign that this is not working. Plus, the dad is a macho-assed basketball coach who flips from not knowing what is going on with his daughter to fully believing she is possessed within a matter of minutes. And the mother’s character is just as bad in believing her ex physically abused his daughter and then all of a sudden unites with him over their daughter’s possession. And the exorcism itself is practically laughable especially when it takes place in a hospital basement physical rehab room where no one goes and no one can even hear the screams and other stuff going on. Girl, please.

Verdict: For me, I know when I’ve seen a good horror film when I’m nervously trotting from my car to the house in the dark, or when I get up for something in the middle of the night and I avoid looking outside or in mirrors, or if thoughts of the movie keep me awake – especially days later. After this film, I slept peacefully and never gave it a second thought. If you are going to make a possession/exorcism film these days you should automatically know it will get compared to “The Exorcist.” So you better bring something new to the table in order to stand out. Alas, nothing here except big disappointment.

Rating: 1 out of 5 Blips

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