20 Jun

About theBlippity

So, What theBlippity?!

The Blippity is here to provide little “blips” of trivial nonsense to the blogosphere in hopes that it may entertain, inform, or enlighten someone, somewhere in this Blippity world.

The focus will be on music, film, food, and what I like to call “The Real Life” – tried and true stories from past. There will be reviews, recipes, commentary, mini-essays, humorous vignettes, and lots of things about nothing really important at all. I don’t fancy myself a writer and my grammar is perhaps one tick above average, so if I end a sentence with a preposition or dangle my participle, you will just have to accept my grammatical shortcomings.

Overall, this is just a blog where I can get things out of my head that are taking up space. The attic in my brain is getting dusty and needs cleaning, so why not purge it for the world to view? Maybe in the future when I’m no longer on this crazy earth someone will say “What theBlippity?!” and for a split second, remember me. That would be nice.

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