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07 Aug

The Top 11: Solid Pop Songs of the Decade

I like to do a Top 11 list because I always feel bad for the one thing that just missed the Top 10.

Every now and then I begin to think that good pop music is either dead or in a coma. As an obsessive lover of ‘80s pop songs, I often have a hard time getting into the latest chart hits. A lot of them seem to sound the same and there are no distinguishable vocals either thanks to all the voice correction and effects in place. Sure there is an occasional piece of ear candy (I kinda enjoy Enrique Iglesias’ saccharine-laced “I Like It”), but good songs are few and far between these days. However, once in a while a song will come along that rejuvenates my faith in solid, well-written pop music. Here are 11 songs from the past 10 years that have kept my love of solid pop music alive.

  1. “Rocket” – Goldfrapp
  2. “Surround Sister” – The Soundtrack of our Lives
  3. “I Won’t Go Hollywood” – Bleu
  4. “Take Your Mama” – Scissor Sisters
  5. “Mockingbird” – Rob Thomas
  6. “Joey” – Sugarland
  7. “Drops of Jupiter” – Train
  8. “Music” – Madonna
  9. “Beautiful Day” – U2
  10. “Grace Kelly” – Mika
  11. “Aftermath” – Adam Lambert
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