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19 Oct

A Blip of a Movie Review: “Let Me In”

Alternate Title: “Driving Miss Vampire”

Short Plot: American remake of the Swedish film “Let the Right One In” (reviewed in an earlier Blip). So basically the same plot. Girl moves in next door, only comes out at night, befriends her little neighbor and makes him her boy toy. She’s creepy, he’s bullied. Together they take care of each other.

Pros: One of the better US remakes of a foreign flick (they actually left the plot alone – shocking!), the girl and boy are terrific, a great scene in a car that will make you check your back seat for the next 2 weeks, the evil cats are gone from the first film, a few minor changes actually enhanced parts of the story.

Cons: The final pool scene was not as good as the original, Richard Jenkins was under used (and the role not as fleshed out as it should have been), the girl/boy relationship (while good) was not as moving, and as much as I hated those damn evil cats, I kinda missed them.

Verdict: I enjoyed the film and was impressed that someone actually did a remake of a great foreign film that can stand on its own. There were a few minor changes in the film that surpassed parts of the original – like the previously mentioned car scene which was staged in a gym locker room in the original – but also some aspects of the original that I missed. The lead kids were really good and most of the effects were up to par. I’m just really pleased that the tone of the film and the ambiguity of the girl and her guardian’s history was left in tact. So, if you hate subtitles but are interested in a vampire-lite film, you can see this one and not have everyone say you should have seen the original.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Blips  •••

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